Friday, April 13, 2012

The Best And Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs

Gwen Stefani

Hello My Beautiful Readers!

Today, I'm happy to share a guest post from Your Guide To Plastic Surgery, who will share some insightful lessons we can glean from the world of celebrity breast augmentations.




An actress' appearance can tremendously inflience her career. This is why plastic surgery is so common among women in Hollywood. When an actress reappears looking pretty and refreshed after a long time away from the spotlight, it is likely that she has had a cosmetic procedure performed. An improvement in appearance that is natural and noticeable but not obviously the result of plastic surgery is ideal. For more information on plastic surgery, check out Your Guide to Plastic Surgery.

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries in Hollywood. Since many actresses are slim or petite in physique, many of them do not naturally have large breasts. They often look to cosmetic surgery to add some womanly curves. And as an often welcome side effect, making the breasts bigger can make the waist appear smaller in comparison. A natural-looking set of breast implants should provide a moderate upgrade to what the woman already possesses. It only takes going up more than one or two cup sizes to make the implants look obvious and unnatural.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively has the best breast implants in Hollywood! She benefits from having an already stunning figure that is lean and healthy, so subtly increasing her bust size has only made her more attractive. Her implants can be seen in this photo. Her breasts were already big enough to sufficiently conceal the implants, which are likely made out of silicone. They look large and full but do not sag when Blake is not wearing a bra. Like many actresses, one of her reasons for having plastic surgery was wanting to look better in clothes. Blake now fills out her tops more so than she did before the surgery.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani is another blonde who has had great results from breast augmentation. Her implants are probably saline, which may not feel as natural as silicone ones do, but are the better choice for incredibly thin women who do not want the outlines of their implants to be visible underneath their skin. Gwen went from an A cup to a large B cup, keeping her bust in proportion with her slender figure.

Blake and Gwen are also stellar examples of tasteful rhinoplasty. They both started out with rather large, indelicate noses that have since been smoothed and refined. They exercised good judgment in leaving their noses big rather than having them reduced down to entirely different shapes. They modified their looks without disrupting the natural, graceful geometry of their faces.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale's implants are poorly placed and too big for her frame. They are obviously silicone because they create a defined valley down her rib cage in between their sharp edges. They are too high up on her chest and are too unnaturally perky, especially in a top like the one Kate is wearing in the photograph. They are so oversized that they actually caused her skin to develop stretch marks over them. Breast plants this obvious have been inserted over the muscle rather than underneath it. Placing implants under the muscle is more painful and necessitates a longer recovery period, but it results in more natural-looking breast augmentations. It is rumored that Kate's contract forbids screenwriters from writing any scenes in which she has to bend over because her implants will slide up to her collarbone due to their improper placement.

Tara Reid
Tara Reid has some of the worst celebrity plastic surgery results of all time. Her breast implants are too big and yet they still sag. This happens when a large silicone implant is inserted on top of the muscle and is only supported by the surrounding skin. When her top came down at a red carpet event, the world became privy to Tara's unsightly surgical scarring. Her surgeon did not direct her toward better implant and placement options, nor did he perform the operation correctly. Tara also has a lumpy, disfigured torso due to a botched liposuction procedure during which her doctor tried to remove more fat than a thin woman like Tara should reasonably have extracted.
The Takeaway
So how can women avoid these problems with botched plastic surgery? It all really comes down who they select as their plastic surgeon. Skilled plastic surgeons know how to make the procedures look more natural, but it also comes to what the woman requests. If a woman like Tara Reid asks for liposuction on her 110 pound frame, it’s kind of hard to make that look natural. If a woman asks for breast implants that are too big or too perky, the plastic surgeon should advise against this. But if the patient demands it, again, there is only so much the surgeon can do. It is best to keep realistic expectations and actually listen to the advice of a board-certified, skilled doctor, as they know what’s best – after all, they are the one performing the surgery!