Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Track Star Removes $13K Breast Implants


Can you imagine paying $13K for a breast augmentation, only to pay for ANOTHER surgery to have the implants taken out 14 months later?

That's exactly what Australian track star Jana Rawlinson did, according to the Paper Chaser website.

Even though the sports star "loved" her new girls, she felt encumbered by them - and feared they were getting in the way of making the best race times.

If you're an athlete - or even just super active - you absolutely need to consider size when going for a breast augmentation!

Anything larger than a full B cup can get in the way of speed times and balance - and may even be a risk if your sport involves lots of body contact.

I figure skated competitively for many years, and am a bit of a fitness freak. I "wore" my size around for three months before my breast augmentation with a padded push-up bra to make sure that I was never uncomfortable while working out or being active.

I highly recommend you do the same - a size that you think looks gorgeous in the mirror may actually turn out to be in your way while doing the things you most love to do.

And you don't want to have to pony up $13K + for that lesson..

Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Protect Yourself From Dangerous Plastic Surgeons

Just a couple days ago, a jury found Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marco Loiacono guilty of professional misconduct in his treatment of a 33 year old breast augmentation patient, Catherine McCormack of Dublin, reports The Irish Times.

The lowdown?

Catherine's left breast became infected a few days after her breast augmentation at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery (ACS) clinic in Dublin back in October 2006. When the mom of three went to see the doctor about the situation, she was red, inflamed and - get ready for this - oozing. These are all symptoms of a severe infection, which at that advanced stage can call for immediate hospital admittance, intravenous antibiotics and possibly removal of the implant.

Instead, Dr. Lociacono stitched the wound together, put her on your typical ho-hum antibiotics, and sent Catherine on her way - a response that the surgeon amazingly continued to stand by in court.

Also discussed in court was the fact that Dr. Lociacono didn't see Catherine for a whole 20 days after her initial surgery; his defense is that nurses saw her in the days following her surgery.

Catherine ultimately had to have her left breast removed, leaving her disfigured and ill with a significant recovery from the nasty infection.

Dr. Lociacono moved and continued to perform cosmetic surgeries in Brazil and Italy. Nice, huh?

Now this all brings up a very important point that I discuss in depth in my eBook, The Boob Job Bible: 10 Steps To A Sexy, Safe Breast Augmentation. YOU need to "interview" any plastic surgeon you consult with to make sure he's going to be your number one advocate, and that you'll be safe and completely cared for under his guidance.

While there are reckless and poor plastic surgeons out there, the one good piece of news is that they're pretty easy to pick out if you know what to look for.

Just a couple out of several points my eBook addresses that could have prevented this situation:

1. At your consultation, ALWAYS ask who will be seeing you for your follow up appointments right after surgery. Anyone other than the surgeon performing the breast augmentation on you is unacceptable, and you should never hire someone who gives you less than that.

2. While infections are rare, the signs to look for: Redness, skin that feels "hot" and any kind of oozing. If you so much as SUSPECT an infection, get in to see your plastic surgeon immediately. Not his nurse, not a phone call - him personally. If he finds that you DO have an infection, you'll want to ask if it's necessary to make a hospital trip for intravenous antibiotics and whether there is a risk that you may need to remove the implant. Infections are nothing to mess with. And you most certainly don't hang out with one for over 20 days, with no further treatment.

And this is the kind of story that scares women straight out of ever getting a boob job.

But if you do your homework, ask the right questions, and hire a great board-certified plastic surgeon - you can protect yourself from these kinds of craptastic doctors who give the whole industry a bad name.